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Dale's Dimension (by David Nurenberg) adds a new comic strip every Monday and Thursday.

Thursday, October 10, 2002

The first comic


 MAY   October 2002   

        You are entering a dimension of light and sound...a realm where talking squirrels stalk the night and wheat thins aren't always good. The signpost up ahead strongly suggests that you may have just set foot into: Dale's Dimension! This webcomic explores the surreal life of a 20something pseudo-Geek trying to maintain his sanity in the early 21st century.

"Dale's Dimension," I Can't Draw Productions, and this web page and all its content
is Copyright (c) 2001 by David Nurenberg, All rights reserved




The derivation of I Can't Draw Productions should be obvious from one glance at the strip: I can’t draw.  I really can’t.  I'm not much better at web design. But I do write.  In this visual medium of the web, a writer stands little chance of propagating his creations without something for the eyes to feast on...so consider this “hamburger helper” for your vision, at least until I sucker an artist into helping me with this project (any takers?) In the meanwhile, you can help me win a bet with my building janitor, who told me I could never get a following if I drew a web comic. Help me prove him wrong!


If perchance you like my writing, you might be interested to know that I've composed several novels and short stories, and am actively seeking publication. In other words, discover me! You'll thank yourself, because my writing will make you buckets of money. Buckets, I say. Samples of my other writings are available upon request.


And for the legal beagles, regarding the characters and plot, etc - any resemblance to any persons living or dead is entirely coincidental. Besides, until I'm "discovered," I have no money anyway, so suing me would be a rather pointless endeavor. Now go read the strip and enjoy some laughs!

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Welcome to Dale's Dimension! Below are some of the recurring faces in this strange new realm...


Moody writer and gamemaster, Dale left the tech world to follow his dreams of being a published writer.  He spent the formative years of his life living the world of geekdom, but now tries to delude himself into thinking that he operates in the real world as a perfectly respectable high school teacher.  No one but Dale is fooled. Dale lives with his best friend since childhood, Jim, and keeps close ties to his old gang o'geeks.  For better or worse, the gang still looks to Dale as its leader, and for better or worse, Dale is still not over his breakup with high-school girlfriend Aemelia.

Dale considers himself an “old school” tecchie, frozen in the early 90s, pining for the days of playing Space Quest, managing conventional memory in DOS 6.22 (QEMM is my savior, I will have no other), and freeing up IRQs and COM ports.  His encyclopedic knowledge of the Chris Claremont days of the X-Men (“it all went downhill after Jubilee joined”) only serve to reinforce his distance from the current generation of geeks who populate his classroom.   

The following people all fight for command over Dale’s soul...


            Dale’s best friend from high school, Jim, made the smart decision: for the small price of his mortal soul, he used his tech skills to land himself a posh position at a Fortune 500 company. Thus he has reaped the bounty of a high salary, golden stock portfolio, and freedom from repercussions when he unleashes his obliviously sarcastic wit. Despite all this, fiancee Talia loves Jim for the core good she senses inside in him, Obi-Wan.  Dale, on the other hand, knows and loves Jim for the inveterate bastard that he is. 


            Jim’s fiancee, she is less a geek than a "geek sympathizer." A beautiful woman who has spent her youthful days dating the cream of jock-hood (oh god, no pun intended!), Talia has finally come to realize that she wants a little more out of life than fixing snacks for some yobo's superbowl party, then cleaning up the beer cans afterwards. Whether life with Jim, Dale, and their friends will prove an improvement remains to be seen....



            If Dale is a changeling, Aemelia has gone over entirely to the realm of Faerie.  One might argue she never really lived anywhere else.  In true geek girl fashion, she is both mind-numbingly gorgeous and as unstable as Strontium-90.  The rest of the gang realized this long ago...Dale’s working on something of a ten year lag.  Aemelia serves to remind Dale of all he gave up from his youth...and all he fled when he decided to live with at least one foot in reality.



Roan vows he’ll get a job the day he sees an advertisement for a Professional Dungeon Master.  In the meantime, he seems more than content to linger in a hermetically sealed compound in his parents’ basement, opening his doors only for the UPS man bringing his latest playstation games...and Dale, whom he still worships as the greatest DM from the glory days, despite a hidden crush he always harbored on Aemelia. Roan has important dirt on both Dale and Jim from their full geekhood days, and has most likely stashed copies in several hidden locations should any ill fate ever befall him.... 





Aka "Dynamo Dan," drummer and guitarist for local band The Deweys (a play on D.W.I., can't ya tell), Dan lives out his days in terror that his secret life as a geek will one day be revealed. If he can convert Dale and Jim over to the side of cool-hood, though, his soul might yet be saved...

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The Sagas of Dale's Dimension

You can use the handy dropdown menu to pick one of the many so-called sagas wrenched from the annals Dale's life. As I post more strips to the site, you will be able to read all of the amazing adventures previewed below. Can you contain your excitement?


Saga#1: Adventures in the Suck-o-Verse!

 Dale and Jim decide to check out the “Computer Fair of the Century,” but little do they know about the terrible power of a French snack-food that opens a gateway into a horrifying alternate dimension…COMING IN NOVEMBER!


Saga#2: Dangerous Minds

 When Jim’s corporate masters command him to spread their hold on the nation’s youth, can Dale keep his own classroom safe? COMING IN DECEMBER!  




Saga#3: Homeward Bound


When Dale’s boss sends him home for an involuntary vacation, Dale finds himself plunged back into a world he never made…the world which made him…parents, old friends, and of course, the One That Got Away (but kept her sword)...COMING IN DECEMBER!


Saga#4: Last, Best Hope

Worried about Dale's romantic life (or lack thereof), Jim embarks on a wild set-up scheme involving alien princesses, bad hairdos, and a very, very copyrighted space station. If Dale survives a sinister attack by the French, and a potential lawsuit from JMS, he just might get his dream date...COMING IN JANUARY!


Dale's quest for the perfect woman leads him to new depths of depravity when he sets out on an epic quest to merge all the positive qualities of his ex-es into one, perfect,"Frankenstein girlfriend." Can Jim lead Dale to better living through chemistry? Perhaps Roan and Dan's very strange new roommate holds the answers Dale seeks...COMING IN FEBRUARY!


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Friends of Dale's Dimension

Below lie some links to friends, allies, or general well-wishers (in that they wish me no specific harm) who would love if you could visit their sites.


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It's the end of the page as we know it, and I feel fine...


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